Why Mermaids?

The symbol of the mermaid represents both the masculine and the feminine when she comes ashore. As her mermaid body settles upon the sand, the flexibility of the feminine is supported by the rigidity of the masculine. 

Mermaids In Power Suits represents the women in corporate management that move between the culture built on separation and silos and their own intuitive skills of building relationships and integrity.

This is less about "woo-woo" - heads in the clouds concepts and much more about integrating everything we have available inside of us to live a fully creative, freedom-centric and abundant life.

Yes, men benefit from our coaching and presentations and content as well - because the terms masculine and feminine are labels to describe energy - and each of us have both within us. The more we understand how to manage, integrate and honor our energy and our purpose, the more we move toward our full potential.

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I navigated the waters of corporate management for more than 19 years. Often as the only female in a meeting or on the floor. And for many of those years I felt a sense of loss at the rigid and sometimes callus policies and decision making. There were also a number of people, men and women, that I met, admired, and consider friends to this day. 

As my understanding and skills grew in using my energy and purpose in a directed manner, it became obvious my path was to live a very full, successful life as an entrepreneur. I took the best of the skills learned in product development, finance, marketing, sales and operations and began building multiple streams of income before my exit from corporate management. And a key part of my purpose in life is to use my knowledge and skills to help others rediscover their creativity, develop a better "stay in place strategy" or "Plan A."

Let me help you nurture your lost dreams, building a life of more freedom and creativity every single day! 

Marjorie Schoelles, CEO, Ms X Media  |  Creator, Mermaid Sand  |  Artist, Seahorse Gallery  |  
CMO, High Voltage Marketing  |  Owner, ADDY Properties

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