Are you tired of being tired and feeling like you are going nowhere fast?
Do you want all the hours you put in to work to mean more?

Have you thought or felt any of these recently?

  • UGH - I don't feel like going in to the office today.
  • Is this as good as it gets!?! I want more recognition, money, rewards, freedom - but I don't believe I deserve them.
  • All I feel like I do is go to work, come home and work and repeat the same things over and over.
  • I feel like no one is hearing me.
  • I know I'm meant to be more than what I am right now - but I don't know what that means.
  • Something is missing, I don't have the drive and enthusiasm I used to...and I miss it  :-(
  • I don't have enough time or money to invest in myself.
  • I like what I do...mostly...but I really wish _____________ was different
  • I want to get ahead, have more of an edge and really feel like I'm moving forward!
  • It sure would be nice if more things were on MY terms, the way I want them (and I wouldn't feel guilty about putting myself first)

Have you been putting off that secret dream for too long, and you are ready to bring it out into the light and start growing?

First, let's clear up a misunderstanding so many people walk around with every day. It is not your fault if you are feeling frustrated, isolated or just plain tired of what you have going on right now. After the last few years of being battered by the news and corporate/business "restructuring" - not many people have felt like going "all out" to live their dreams. Or heck, even make much of a wave if it was going to lead to conflict or perceived loss.

A recent survey by showed 77% of the workforce is unhappy with their jobs. Part of being unhappy can stem from lack of recognition, feeling trapped, being passed over for promotions, checking emails on vacation - or feeling like you can't even go on vacation! That last one puzzles the rest of the developed world - the American workplace is notorious for offering fewer benefits and less time off than other countries we consider socially and economically developed (Switzerland, Canada, England, France, Spain, Norway......) and we are far more likely to work while on vacation too!

​What if I said...It can be better than this - you can move forward with building your life the way YOU WANT IT! Could you believe me...would you believe anyone?

Skepticism has its place and can keep us out of trouble. It can also block our intuition and phenomenal opportunities.

Marjorie Schoelles

A small snippet about me and why you can set aside the skepticism: After spending 19 successful (and sometimes soul-sucking) years in corporate management I moved on so I could live my full story. And part of the story is how I managed to create my better "stay-in-place" strategies over the years so my work remained engaging, exciting and rewarding. It wasn't always rainbows and roses, but it was better than not having a plan and giving too much power to the "Ivory Tower."

Now I lead and expand my purpose driven businesses that were started while still in corporate management. I was able to do all this with the extra time, focus and energy gained from the mentorships and masterminds I invested in. You see, most of the people around me at the time were content to just "get along" and "not rock the boat." They preferred to squander hours each week on self defeating activities, rather than invest the time, energy and money in their own potential, So I learned to go outside my sphere of friends and family to find experts that had no agendas, other than fulfillment and success.

Not everyone is meant to be a "jump off the cliff and build a plane on the way down" entrepreneur. Thank goodness - chaos would reign supreme if that was the truth. But that doesn't mean that being inside a corporation or business dooms you to eternal servitude or should keep you from living your dreams.

Everyone deserves to live their purpose, to explore their dreams!​

What that actually looks and feels like as a part of SURGE...

​All SURGE and PowerHouse members go through our trademark Purpose Discovery Process that includes:

  • Discovering your Life Purpose and your Life Lesson. This is critical to understanding what your triggers are, your path to success and the obstacles that are currently holding you back.
  • Finding out how the world perceives your unique talent and skills and how that impacts your message for success.
  • Leveraging your values and innate design so our efforts in building your success and expanding your dreams are in alignment with who you are at your core.

Other key components of SURGE level mentoring:

  • One-on-One Calls with Marjorie. Though we have friends, family and co-workers that care about us they can not avoid having preconceived notions or react to our desire to grow, based on personal history. On the other hand, a mentor comes to the situation with your success and goals in mind, with no personal attachment to your history or previous situations.

    Typically the one-on-one calls center on developing and implementing your goals in alignment with your core values and purpose. Also addressed are the stumbling blocks you encounter, how to overcome them and ideas on moving forward with ease.

    Life can throw us curve balls and a new situation may shift priorities, so the goals and priorities discussed during your SURGE mentoring are recorded, reviewed and revised as needed. After all, this is about YOU, Your Dreams and creating a life in alignment with your purpose and core!                 45 minutes one-on-one monthly
  • In addition to the one-on-one sessions SURGE members have access to the monthly LIVE! Nuts & Bolts Webinar. With rotating topics each month spanning Business Building, Marketing Your Dreams, Exploring Your Potential, Purpose Driven Goal Setting, Unearthing an Extra Hour A Day....You get the idea - we cover topics that directly relate to moving you forward with ease and joy.

    Best of all is the LIVE! Q&A session at the end. Ask Marjorie or any special guests she brings on board about the subject matter. Monthly - 60 minutes (may go longer depending on Q&A but will be recorded so you can play back later)
  • Bonuses and unexpected presents. Hey, aren't those the best! Part of SURGE is about developing your strategies and looking at what will elevate your satisfaction in your work life and your creative life. Maybe it's a book left unwritten, or the courage to be a better public speaker. These training sessions and materials (and more) will be part of an ongoing bonus program available only to SURGE and PowerHouse members.

Are Your Ready To Invest in Yourself?

And by using the word "investing", let's be clear it is not only about the money. SURGE takes a certain amount of time too. Think you can't find the time? Finding YOUR time is one of the key areas we help. Keeping promises to yourself, making your personal time, health and happiness a priority are a part of SURGE. This is your opportunity to pull yourself out of repeating the patterns that have been holding you back and setting your feet and intentions firmly on the path to a purpose and freedom focused life!

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Still not sure if this is for you? That's's a big step to say "I'm Worth It!"

Imagine us talking 1-on-1 a year from now and, in your own voice, fill in the blanks.

“Marjorie, I am so excited and grateful we improved ___________&__________ in my professional life, created __________ just for me and changed __________&_________. I love the feeling of more creativity, personal freedom & _________. This has transformed my life!”

It is okay if you don’t have the words right now.
Our trademark Purpose Discovery Process will uncover many potential answers that are unique to you.

Perhaps a more important question…do you WANT to fill in the blanks?

Marjorie Schoelles

There are a limited number of SURGE & PowerHouse and Elite memberships available. I take 1-on-1 calls 3 days a week, 3 weeks each month. I have learned to practice what I teach, using Mondays for working “on” my business, Fridays for my creative, fun time and the other days for creating and learning new things and meeting with my own personal mentors. The exceptions come when I am attending or hosting an event or VIP mastermind. Otherwise I am mindful of honoring my personal time, promises and boundaries. 

Do you have additional questions? Please contact us through email :


And Integrity and trust are integral in any business and of particular importance to us, a 100% guarantee is offered with any membership. If you are not satisfied with the value equation of your investment versus results we will refund any unused portion of your paid or pre-paid fees.