Were you ever told that spending time on being creative was a waste? Or had the feeling you weren’t “good enough” to share your creative talents or ideas?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to nurture that creative Spark you have?

Confession Time! I turned my back on my own creative spark and went 12 years WITHOUT drawing, painting or writing for myself.  If it wasn't work related or directly tied to tangible results, I didn't create. And I lost a little bit of myself every day for those 12 years. 

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Marjorie Schoelles

Daddy (Orin) with his Azaleas

It was on the day I had my last conversation with my father, while he was hooked to tubes and monitors in the ICU, that changed everything. He said "Mom and I have always been so proud of you, you have done really well in business. We didn't always tell you that we thought you were very talented too. You know, both your grandfathers painted. You come by it naturally." His words meant the world to me and the moment reminded me that waiting for "WHEN" I have more time probably meant it would NEVER happen. I pulled my art supplies out of storage when I got back home.    Thank you Daddy.

The Next Seven Years: Though that conversation with my father provided a pivotal moment, it took another 7 years of learning, planning and creating to realize my “Plan A.” And during that time the enduring element that kept me going was the Spark of creativity I honored, for myself and my father. Stepping fully into being creative while still working and walking the corporate path was at times challenging and frustrating – there was no guide or guru to help.

And that is the major purpose and goal of SPARK!

Part of my purpose in life, what I am meant to do from my core,
is to support and foster creativity in others. 

What could be better than you feeling confident in risking your own DIY project, picking up that new journal to begin writing, putting paint to canvas or designing that outrageously color filled cutting garden you have always dreamed of, but were too afraid of failure or criticism to try. Or maybe it's the long buried thought of traveling the world, or going on an archaeological "dig" over the summer.

Question? Do those examples above seem disparate?
Do you have a belief tied up in what creativity and living your dream is…what makes an artist...what is possible?

Good, if you said YES! Most of us have preconceived notions around being artistic, creative and living our dreams. I often hear “I can’t draw a stick figure if my life depended on it!” Guess what – neither can I. But I can write, I can paint and I'm building my life around purpose and freedom.

It’s not about what we can’t do, it’s about walking through the veil of fear and exploring what we WANT to do!  ~ Marjorie

Do you want to:

  • Feel energized by the idea of creating something new, just for you?
  • Let go of fear that your ideas are not “good enough” to spend time and resources on?
  • Reach for that pencil, paintbrush or spatula with confidence, quieting that voice in your head that loves to say “what if I mess it up?”
  • Be exposed to new habits that build a richer life, for you and those around you?
  • Know that you are living a fuller life, making the promises to yourself a priority?

Then Spark Membership is for you! An empowering choice for those ready to explore their creativity and ideas in a easy-to-use, self paced environment totally on their own schedule.

  • Stay inspired with Bi-Weekly BreakThrough Habit messages and graphics delivered right to your inbox or phone via text.
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  • AND we like to throw in surprise bonuses throughout the year!

For $97  only $47 a month you receive all of the above, PLUS a special bonus guide. 

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Marjorie thought: What I have discovered, and what I hold firmly in my soul as truth; we are all born creative. It may take a different form and expression in each of us, but that spark of imagination, pure joy of expression, is within us. What I also believe is that many of us set it aside thinking that it is not worthy if it doesn’t bring in money or move us forward in careers. Even if it’s not a conscious choice, it’s a choice played out in how we prioritize our time and energy. We live only part of our lives each day when we are not honoring our inner spark of creativity. It’s like looking at a photograph with the colors only partially developed.

Artist, Marjorie Schoelles

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For more examples of combining creativity with business, click HERE to see the book, products and jewelry Marjorie has built in to a business - Mermaid Sand. Market testing has been successful and a series of books with accompanying products is in the works!

Now I Wish Upon A Pearl

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