Getting Results

Are you feeling burned out, trapped or maybe even a little pissed off about your work life, wishing you could amp-up your personal power, bringing more freedom and creativity in to your life every single day?

Question: Are you ready to create an exit strategy, a better stay-in-place plan, recapture lost dreams of creativity or build multiple streams of income with ease…even if you are still chained to a schedule of meetings and deadlines at your day-to-day job?

Sound too good to be true?
I’m living proof that it can happen!

Marjorie Schoelles

Announcement: As of October, 2014 we are breaking open the traditional coaching model, putting "skin in the game." Every level now has implementation time provided by me or my team. So instead of the traditional way of talking to a coach or mentor, then going off on your own to try to figure out how to do a Facebook business page, design your new brand, write an ebook, build a sales page, create a banner for your next event...WE DO IT FOR YOU! See details below.

The problem most folks think keeps them from personal growth is already having too much to do and too few hours in the day…right? And sometimes it’s just too exhausting to think one more thought after a soul-sucking day at the office. Who has the energy or time to create anything after 50 and 60 hour work weeks?!?

Solutions aren’t found in doing more or giving more – the solution is being more of who you are at the core. Solutions are less about being what you think others expect, less about doing what gets results but costs a bit of your inner soul every day, less about perfection…and more about being aligned with your core purpose.

Continuing down the traditional path of a hard-lined, separation focused work life means choosing to be more driven, more in conflict, more exhausted. Laying awake at night wondering why everything you’ve achieved isn’t enough. Or waking up in the morning with no spark of joy in your heart and wondering how to break the “Golden Handcuffs” without financial and emotional ruin.

I understand. I just described my last six months
as a corporate V.P.

For 100% transparency, it also describes periods I had off and on during my 19 years in corporate management.

When I used to hit one of the lows I “solved” the problem by driving myself even harder, taking on bigger projects, moving cross-country for promotions…and it would give me enough of a rush that I was happier…for a little while. Then I would sink back down to exhaustion, disillusionment, anger and a feeling of being trapped by my own success.

You see, I wasn’t really “solving” anything. I was avoiding the unknown. Avoiding the clarity and ease of living my life purpose. Scared I might lose my “edge” by bringing the dynamic of feminine energy into my life – not understanding that those two key elements combined (purpose and integrated energy) opened the world to using ALL my management and business skills at a MUCH HIGHER level of personal and professional rewards.

If any of my “confession” had you nodding your head you'll be happy to know
there is good news coming.

You can go through the same years of training, seminars and personal development I did or you can benefit from my financial and time investments by working with me* and my team to fast track to the results.

*note: I am not a good fit for everyone. Yes, I’m usually polite and positive. This is more about my directness and intolerance for B.S. The people that benefit the most from 1-on-1 mentoring time with me see the potential of situations, are open to change and have commitment to getting things done. Life is NOT A HOBBY or a spectator sport, it’s meant to be LIVED! 

Here’s a few key indicators that we would work well together:

Are you:

  • A lifelong learner?
  • Feeling like you have set a part of yourself aside, waiting for the "right time" to explore your creativity or honor your self promises?
  • Open to new ideas?
  • Tired enough of your current situation to invest in change (time & money)?
  • Ready to learn BreakThrough Habits that change how you prioritize your time and personal promises to yourself?
  • Willing to manifest the life you are truly meant to live and let go of false beliefs about yourself and your potential?

Here is the most important part

Imagine us talking 1-on-1 a year from now and, in your own voice, fill in the blanks.

“Marjorie, I am so excited and grateful we improved ___________&__________ in my professional life, created __________ just for me and changed __________&_________. I love the feeling of more creativity, personal freedom & _________. This has transformed my life!”

It is okay if you don’t have the words right now.
Our trademark Purpose Discovery Process will uncover many potential answers that are unique to you.

Perhaps a more important question…do you WANT to fill in the blanks?

Depending on the depth of your YES! I invite you to explore our current levels of engagement and mentoring: Surge, PowerHouse & Elite

But hey, you don't have to take my word for it, see what clients are saying...​

"Oh wow, Marjorie, I was having a moment of overwhelm. To escalate that feeling, I looked at my email that was a mile long. My eyes were drawn to your email, and as I opened it, I felt this amazing rush of weight coming off of my shoulders! Like, HOLY SHIT, AMAZINGNESS that I'm seeing before my eyes. …I really appreciate everything you've done and are doing!!!  :D

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!" <3

Sally Scofield, Author: Light Up Your Soul, Motivational Speaker, Expert Hand Analyst

Everyone needs a Marjorie!
I LOVE my Marjorie.


I love this working with you in your highest gifts, and me in mine! Makes me feel like the
luckiest girl in the world!" xox

Lindy MacLaine, ​Life Purpose Coach, Author: The Curse of the Neverland, VIP Writer Retreats,

I’ll use one of my favorite phrases here, “We don’t get to do today over…what will you do today that carries forward to tomorrow?”
Is it investing in yourself? Learning BreakThrough Habits that make a difference in how you cope, how you expend and expand energy every day? Building your Plan A, B, C or D? Exploring the creativity you know is inside you, waiting to bloom under nurturing light and love?


If you are looking for a better way - to live and work - then Surge may be for you. Includes one-on-one coaching and help with implementation

  • Monthly 30 Minute One-on-
      One  Call with Marjorie
  • 1 hour of Implementation Time by Marjorie & Her Team. 
  • BONUS: Creating and
       Publishing Your Book :
       The How & Why
  • Private Facebook Community

$397 / month


For individuals ready to create their "Plan A" of a business or income outside of their current situation OR ramp up their existing one for more clients and cash flow. 

  • (2) Monthly 45 Minute One-on- One  Calls with Marjorie - Total 90 Minutes!
  • 2 Hours of Implementation time EACH month Includes Everything From Branding, Social Media, Cash Flow Strategy, Design, Email Marketing...
  • Access to Training Webinars Included
  • BONUS: Personal Brand Management | Assuring Your Name and Image Align
  • Private Facebook Community

$797 / month


It's like having your own Chief Marketing Officer

You may have an existing business or ready to add on another component - but are tired of knowing WHAT to do and either DON'T want to do it yourself, or WANT someone that cares as much as you do to help build it.

  • (2) Monthly 1 Hour 
       One-on-One Calls with
       Marjorie - Total 120 Minutes!
  • 4 Hours of Implementation Time EACH Month Including Content Marketing, Webinar Development, Product Development, Book Creation, Social Media Postings, SEO Monitoring, Overall Brand & Design Integration
  • ELITE BONUS #1: Unlimited access to Marjorie via email and phone during regular working days and hours (details shared upon enrollment)
  • ELITE BONUS #2:  Access to ALL Training and VIP Events Included!
  • Private Facebook Community

$1497 / month

Marjorie Schoelles

There are a limited number of memberships available. I take 1-on-1 calls 4 days a week, 3 weeks each month. I have learned to practice what I teach, using Mondays for working “on” my business, Fridays for my creative, fun time and the other days for creating and learning new things and meeting with my own personal mentors. The exceptions come when I am attending or hosting an event or VIP mastermind. Otherwise I am mindful of honoring my personal time, promises and boundaries.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact us through email :


And Integrity and trust are integral in any business and of particular importance to us, a 100% guarantee is offered with any membership. If you are not satisfied with the value equation of your investment versus results we will refund any unused portion of your paid or pre-paid fees.