Are you passionate about growing your business and sharing your gifts, only to be held back by the details of getting the products and pieces developed, completed and implemented?

Or maybe you are on the cusp of change, yearning to gain more personal freedom, setting your own hours and using your talents to build financial security.

You know everything you should be doing to market and build your business, but are frustrated or bored by the unending challenges in formatting ebooks, developing presentations, figuring out social media or dealing with multiple vendors and delays just to get a simple design done.

And to top all that off, most people don't really get who you are and how important it is for you to live Your Purpose. This goes far beyond average marketing and business. Once you are clear on your Purpose, Life Lesson and Gifts you have a brilliant blueprint to build your lifestyle driven business.  You deserve someone who understands and supports you in the details and implementation.

We all need support and someone to believe in us.

My life is dramatically different from two years ago, before I mentored with Baeth Davis and truly understood my life purpose. It is incredible...the amount of joy, satisfaction and happiness I now live every single day. If someone had told the burned out, pissed off corporate VP Marjorie that I would be where I am today, living the life I now have, I would have sadly shaken my head and said "no, I'm trapped and don't see a way out."

That is why it is so incredibly important that you also have the support in every way possible to live your ultimate life with a soul based, purpose driven business.

Marjorie Schoelles

I am here to help, it's part of my purpose.

If you are eager to spend your time and energy on developing and sharing your gifts and don't want to be stuck with all the "behind the scenes" hassle, one of our programs is that lost piece of the puzzle.

Are any of these scenarios cropping up for you, possibly holding you back from having the life and business you deserve?

  • You have been told you should do webinars and videos but really don't have an inclination in learning how to run them.
  • The product ideas are there, but the actual formatting, building of landing pages, pay pal integration and launch sequence is not something you have time or interest in doing.
  • You know social media is important and you like engaging with your fans, but not the hassle of running ads and changing the cover art or setting up private pages.
  • Know all about lead generation but don't have the time to sit down and write out, let alone format an Ebook.
  • Then there is the hassle of building the web pages and getting that darn "opt-in" box functional so you can grow your list.
  • Yes, you are meant to be in the spotlight, but have no materials for setting up your speakers packet and presentation.
  • You have gone to outsourcing sites and hired freelancers or agencies, just to have them give you a blank look when you talk about purpose, energy, intuition, authenticity and alignment.
  • The idea of building a product package, including pricing and sales copy makes your eyes roll to the back of your head, but you know it needs to get done.

My team and I help with all this and more. Here's what our members say:

"Oh wow, Marjorie, I was having a moment of overwhelm. To escalate that feeling, I looked at my email that was a mile long. My eyes were drawn to your email, and as I opened it, I felt this amazing rush of weight coming off of my shoulders! Like, HOLY SHIT, AMAZINGNESS that I'm seeing before my eyes. …I really appreciate everything you've done and are doing!!!  :D

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!" <3

Sally Scofield, Author: Light Up Your Soul, Motivational Speaker, Expert Hand Analyst

Everyone needs a Marjorie!
I LOVE my Marjorie.


I love this working with you in your highest gifts, and me in mine! Makes me feel like the
luckiest girl in the world!" xox

Lindy MacLaine, ​Life Purpose Coach, Author: The Curse of the Neverland, VIP Writer Retreats,

Here is the most important part

Imagine us talking 1-on-1 a year from now and, in your own voice, fill in the blanks.

“Marjorie, I am so excited and grateful we improved ___________&__________ in my professional life, created __________ just for me and built __________&_________into my soul based business. I love the feeling of living my purpose, sharing my gifts and increasing my personal freedom!”

I invite you to explore our current levels of implementation and mentoring:

Surge, PowerHouse & Elite

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If you are looking for a better way - to live and work - then Surge may be for you. Includes one-on-one coaching and help with implementation

  • Monthly 30 Minute One-on-
      One  Call with Marjorie
  • 1 hour of Implementation Time by Marjorie & Her Team. 
  • BONUS: Creating and
       Publishing Your Book :
       The How & Why
  • Private Facebook Community

$397 / month


For individuals ready to create their "Plan A" of a business or income outside of their current situation OR ramp up their existing one for more clients and cash flow. 

  • (2) Monthly 45 Minute One-on- One  Calls with Marjorie - Total 90 Minutes!
  • 2 Hours of Implementation time EACH month Includes Everything From Branding, Social Media, Cash Flow Strategy, Design, Email Marketing...
  • Access to Training Webinars Included
  • BONUS: Personal Brand Management | Assuring Your Name and Image Align
  • Private Facebook Community

$797 / month


It's like having your own Chief Marketing Officer

You may have an existing business or ready to add on another component - but are tired of knowing WHAT to do and either DON'T want to do it yourself, or WANT someone that cares as much as you do to help build it.

  • (2) Monthly 1 Hour 
       One-on-One Calls with
       Marjorie - Total 120 Minutes!
  • 4 Hours of Implementation Time EACH Month Including Content Marketing, Webinar Development, Product Development, Book Creation, Social Media Postings, SEO Monitoring, Overall Brand & Design Integration
  • ELITE BONUS #1: Unlimited access to Marjorie via email and phone during regular working days and hours (details shared upon enrollment)
  • ELITE BONUS #2:  Access to ALL Training and VIP Events Included!
  • Private Facebook Community

$1497 / month

Secure your place in one of our programs today by clicking the orange button above on your preferred level.

Marjorie Schoelles

There are a limited number of memberships available. I take 1-on-1 calls 4 days a week, 3 weeks each month. I have learned to practice what I teach, Fridays are for my creative, fun time and the other days for creating and learning new things and meeting with my own personal mentors. The exceptions come when I am attending or hosting an event or VIP mastermind. Otherwise I am mindful of honoring my personal time, promises and boundaries.

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And Integrity and trust are integral in any business and of particular importance to us, a 100% guarantee is offered with any membership. If you are not satisfied with the value equation of your investment versus results we will refund any unused portion of your paid or pre-paid fees.